DIY Boutonniere with Crochet Flowers – Tutorial

I am getting married! My fiance, Greg, and I are having our wedding in a beautiful iris garden this September and I couldn’t be more excited. A few months ago, I read a story about a woman who crocheted her own wedding dress on the bus to work. Not all heroes wear capes, am I right? I knew I couldn’t commit to making an entire wedding dress, but definitely wanted to incorporate a yarn project of some sort in to my wedding. After looking at some saved patterns for crochet flowers, I decided to try crochet boutonnieres. I gathered up some yarn in my wedding colors and some silk leaves, then got to work. Not only did they come out beautifully, but very sturdy and professional looking.


The pattern I used for the larger pink flower can be found here.
Once your two crochet flowers are made, follow the tutorial below for assembling the boutonnieres.


2 Crochet flowers (see above for links to patterns)
Silk leaves (I used two eucalyptus leaves removed from a larger branch purchased at my local craft store)
Floral Wire
Floral tape


1. Cut 3 pieces of wire, approximately 12 inches apiece.
2. Take one piece of wire and fold it in half so it creates a loop.
3. Stick the pointy ends of the wire loop through the top of the first crochet flower.
4. Pull through until loop is tight around the flower.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 with the second crochet flower.
6. Remove 1-2 silk leaves from the branch, cutting at the base of the leaves’ stem.
7. Take the third piece of wire and fold it in half until it creates a loop.
8. Wrap the wire loop around the stem of the leaves (there is no right or wrong way to do this, just make sure the wire is secured to the leaves).
9. Now that your flowers and leaves are wire wrapped, cluster them together. Arrange them as you prefer.
10. Using the flower tape, begin wrapping all the wires together at the base of the flowers/leaves.
11. Keep wrapping until the boutonniere stem is at your preferred length. I stopped wrapping when the stem reached 3 inches. Cut the tape and secure it at the base of the stem.
12. Cut the remaining unwrapped wire ends.
Done and done! The boutonniere is now ready to be pinned on to your groom, prom date, or whatever else would look pretty with crochet flower pin 🙂
I would love to see your finished projects! Tag me on Instagram @darsi_stitches and share this tutorial.
I am new to craft tutorials so your feedback is much appreciated! Leave me a comment and/or contact me if you have any questions. Happy crafting!

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