Embroidered Denim Jacket with Crochet Flowers

It’s sakura season! Japanese cherry blossoms are blooming and people are celebrating all over the world. My fiance and I attended the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco. We enjoyed taking in the scenery, Japantown has always been one of my favorite places in San Francisco.




The best part of any festival is, of course, the FOOD! The Cherry Blossom festival did not disappoint in that department. All the ramen and green tea ice cream a girl could ever want!


Shortly after the festival, I stumbled upon a cherry blossom crochet pattern created by one of my heroes, Jess of Make and Do Crew. I’ve been really in to the embroidered denim trend this season so I thought, why not crochet up some cherry blossoms and decorate some denim!


Pro Tip: If you are ever in need of a denim jacket, visit your local thrift store. I found my denim jacket at a nearby Goodwill. It’s Levi’s brand and has that perfect worn-in look that I love for denim. It was quite a steal for only $8.00. Fun fact, I also purchased the light pink yarn used to make my cherry blossoms from Goodwill. Next time you visit a thrift store, check out the crafts section. You never know what you might find!


I reworked the design for this more times than I care to admit, but I think the finished product was worth it. I embroidered the branch design directly on to the jacket using acrylic worsted weight yarn. Then I simply arranged the cherry blossoms on the branch and sewed them down using red embroidery floss. The red color really helped accent the cherry blossoms.





Are you loving the embroidered denim trend? Should I continue purchasing thrift store items and decorating them with yarn? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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