Granny Square Necklace: Free Crochet Pattern

When my fiance and I moved in to our house, I couldn’t wait to turn our spare bedroom in to a craft room. A year later, it’s still a work in progress. Part of creating a craft space means cleaning and organizing all my craft supplies, especially my yarn stash. I’m in the process of donating old yarn and using up my scrap yarn. A great way to use up yarn scraps is making granny squares. They are fun, colorful, and can be used for so many different projects!


I love granny squares so much that I wanted to make one I could wear around my neck! Thus, the granny square necklace was born. I started by crocheting a simple, two color granny square, then added a tassel and jewelry chain. In less than an hour, I created a unique statement piece that adds a pop of color and texture to any outfit.



I created my yarn tassel using my Clover tassel maker. This is one of my favorite products ever – it’s easy to use and allows me to crank out tassels quickly. Clover also has a YouTube channel with a tutorial on how to use the tassel tool. If you don’t have a tassel making tool, you can still DIY a tassel. This tutorial shows you how to make a tassel using a piece of cardboard. You can also purchase small tassels for jewelry at most craft stores.


Let’s get to the making!


  • Scrap yarn in two colors, worsted weight (size 4) or smaller
  • Size E (3.5 mm) crochet hook
  • Jump rings – 3 total
  • Jewelry chain – I purchased a 24 inch chain already equipped with a clasp form my local craft store
  • Tassel – DIY or buy (see notes on tassel above)
  • Needle nose pliers


  • Ch = chain
  • DC = double crochet
  • St = stitch(es)
  • Rnd = round


Make the Granny Square

Rnd 1: Make a magic circle. Ch 3 (this is the first DC). Make 2 DC. Ch 3.

*Make 3 DC. Ch 3* Repeat * two more times. Slip st in first ch 3.


Rnd 2: Switch colors. Ch 4. Make 3 DC in first Ch 3 gap from the previous row. Ch 3. Make 3 more DC.

*Ch 1. Make 3 DC in next gap. Ch 3. Make 3 more DC* Repeat * two more times. Slip st in first ch 4.


Cut and tie off yarn. Weave in all ends.

Add the Tassel to the Granny Square

  1. Open jump ring using the needle nose pliers.20180706_105646-e1530922212388.jpg
  2. Put the open jump ring through the loop on top of the tassel. Close jump ring using the pliers.20180706_105719.jpg
  3. Open second jump ring using the pliers. Put the open jump ring through the jump ring on the tassel.20180706_110215.jpg
  4. Now put the open jump ring through one of the corner gaps of the granny square. Close jump ring using the pliers.20180706_110452.jpg

Attach the Granny Square and Tassel to the Jewelry Chain

  1. Open third jump ring using the pliers.
  2. Put open jump ring through the granny square’s corner gap opposite of the tassel. Close jump ring using the pliers.20180706_110546.jpg
  3. Slide jewelry chain through the jump ring.20180706_110659.jpg

Now attach the necklace to your beautiful neck and go flaunt your granny square!


I would love to see your creations! Tag me on Instagram @darsi_stitches and share this pattern with your friends and followers.

I am new to writing patterns and always appreciate feedback. Leave me a comment down below with your thoughts.

You may use this pattern for personal projects. You may also sell items made using this pattern, but please do not use my photos. Please do not copy, distribute, or sell this pattern as your own. Thank you!

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