Lucky Star Tank: My First Knit Kit

Hi all! I recently purchased my very first knitting kit! I discovered the brand, Wool and the Gang, via Instagram and absolutely fell in love with their aesthetic. The brand is aimed towards the modern knitter/crocheter. They are known for their cheekily named yarns (i.e. “Billie Jean”, “Crazy Sexy Wool”) and stylish project kits. The kits are definitely their bread and butter. Projects range from cute summer tanks, to chunky sweaters, to stylish bags, and much more. They had a big sale recently, so I took the opportunity to get my hands on one of these kits!


Being in the thick of a very hot summer in Northern CA, I decided to pick something to wear for warmer weather. I chose the Lucky Star Tank kit because the pattern was rated level easy and the tank top just looked so effortlessly cool. The kit came with three balls of Wool and the Gang’s “Shiny Happy Cotton” yarn. There were a variety of yarn colors to choose from, but I went with Army Green because this color really makes my hazel eyes pop! The kit also came with the tank top pattern and a sewing needle. They also had the option to add on a pair of straight knitting needles, but I already owned needles in the required size so I skipped the add-on.


If you follow me on Instagram (hi, @darsi_stitches) you will notice that I travel a lot, both for my day job and for pleasure. Knit kits are perfect for traveling with because all of the yarn and supplies are already put together and ready to go. I took my Lucky Star Tank kit to the Spanish Village Art Center at Balboa Park in San Diego. How dreamy are those colorful stones?! I really enjoyed knitting with Shiny Happy Cotton. It was easy to handle and SUPER soft.

As promised by the difficulty rating, this tank top was very easy to make. The pattern required knitting two identical pieces in stockinette stitch, which were the front and back pieces of the tank. The tank was then assembled by sewing the two panels together at the sides and at the top of the straps.


After completing the tank I ended up having a bit of yarn leftover, so I decided to be a little extra. My almost mother-in-law gifted me a book called 75 Exquisite Trims in Thread Crochet. It’s chock full of beautiful crochet trim patterns that can be added to almost anything. I added a crochet trim to the bottom of the tank top to really make it my own. I went with the “Arches” trim from the book, but slightly modified the pattern to give it more of a rounded scalloped edge. Here is the finished product:


When I went to try on the tank top, I was slightly disappointed. It ended up fitting me a little too loosely, even though I followed the pattern for the smallest size. As a quick fix, I took it in a bit under the arms. This gave it more of a snug fit around the arms and cleavage. I tend to knit loose stitches and I didn’t swatch (SHAME), so I definitely don’t blame the pattern. Always check your gauge, folks!


After making my sizing adjustments, I LOVED the way it fit. The top is light, flowing, and shows just enough cleavage to keep things interesting. The crochet trim at the bottom really gave it some extra flair and added a personal touch. I will definitely be spending more summer days laughing it up in this tank!


I very much enjoyed using my first knit kit and definitely plan to purchase more kits from Wool and the Gang! Want to get your hands on a kit? Here are some links:

Lucky Star Tank Kit: 

All other kits from Wool and the Gang:

Until next time, CHEERS!



2 thoughts on “Lucky Star Tank: My First Knit Kit

  1. Hi Darsi, I love the top! The colour really suits you! And I really like the idea of adding the trim to the bottom as well. Can I ask what size crochet hook you used to make the trim? Thanks in advance! 🙂


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