Hoop Wreath with Crochet Flowers – Free Tutorial

I’m finally coming down from wedding season high. It’s been a whirlwind these past couple months with my wedding, honeymooning in Europe, and getting used to my new last name! As magical as this time of my life has been, I must admit that I’m happy to be settled down and *making* again. As mentioned in previous posts, I used crochet flowers for a variety of wedding details including the bride and bridal party bouquets.


My florist mixed the crochet flowers in with some real flowers and greenery. I have to say that the result was absolutely exquisite. Most definitely my favorite wedding detail! Here is a photo of the bouquet in action as my new husband (eep!) and I made our grand entrance.


Sadly the bouquets have ended their life span, but I refuse to let the crochet flowers go to waste! I’ve been loving the modern, minimalist wreath trend using metal hoops. It dawned on me – what perfect way to give a new look to my crochet flowers. I hauled my cute married ass over to the craft store, purchased some faux leaves and a steel ring, and got to arranging. Once I had the arrangement figured out, the whole process was as simple as hot gluing!


Simple, modern, and oh-so chic! The finished wreath is now hanging proudly in my craft room using a bow made from the leftover fabric from my wedding dress. It serves as lovely decor AND as a sweet wedding memento. Keep scrolling for instructions on how to make your very own hoop wreath!


  • Steel ring – mine is 19 inches in diameter and 4mm thick
  • Faux branches with leaves – I used five branches that were approximately 6 inches long each
  • Crochet flowers – I used one large and three small flowers. Link to patterns are below. Crochet flowers could easily be substituted for any other type of faux flower.

Large flower pattern

Small flower pattern

  • Hot glue gun
  • Floral tape
  • Lacy’s Stiff Stuff



  1. Arrange flowers and branches to your liking on the steel ring. It helps to take a photo of your arrangement for reference as you are assembling the wreath.IMG_20181208_131630.jpg
  2. Using the hot glue gun, glue the first branch of leaves to the steel ring. The glue should be placed on the branch towards the bottom so the leaves can hang freely. IMG_20181208_123653.jpg
  3. Reinforce by wrapping floral tape around the section of the branch that was glued and the steel ring.IMG_20181208_131117.jpg
  4. Glue the second branch to the hoop. It should be glued fairly close to the first branch, so the leaves look nice and dense. Reinforce it with floral tape as shown in step 3.IMG_20181208_124258.jpg
  5. Continue gluing and reinforcing the rest of the branches to the ring, as shown in steps 2 and 3. The leaves should look dense!IMG_20181208_124943.jpg
  6. Cut a small rectangular piece of Lacy’s Stiff Stuff and glue it to the back of the large crochet flower. This will help keep the flower sturdy once the wreath is hung up. IMG_20181208_125651.jpg
  7. Now put glue on the Lacy’s Stiff Stuff rectangle that’s on the flower and stick the flower on the wreath. IMG_20181208_125957.jpg
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 with the small crochet flowers. I clustered my flowers in one section, but they can be arranged any way you see fit. 


    Let the glue dry for about an hour or so. Then hang proudly!

    I would love to see your finished hoop wreaths! Tag me on Instagram @darsi_stitches and share this tutorial.

    Happy crafting!



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