About Me

Hi, I’m Darsi!


I knit and crochet things. My love affair with yarn began shortly after I graduated from college. I earned my degree in Environmental Science so after several years of writing papers and working in a laboratory, I began to crave a creative outlet. I was gifted my first pair of knitting needles as a graduation present and the rest was history. I taught myself to knit using the wonders of YouTube. Soon after, I came out as “bi-stitchual” and started crocheting as well.

I was born, raised, and am currently living in Sacramento, CA. I love everything that Northern California has to offer – wine country, mountains, beaches, and great weather. I’m a regular at all my local Sacramento yarn stores, and every year I attend Stitches West, a fabulous fiber convention in the Bay Area. I do a lot of traveling, so I tend get inspiration (and plenty of yarn) from the places I visit.

I’ve done all sorts of projects over the years, but my current focus has been making fun and trendy accessories for the modern day yarn enthusiast. I created Darsi Stitches to share my passion for knit and crochet with you. Be sure to check out all of my patterns and projects!